Dine, stay, attractions

Dine, Stay, See Attractions

It's easy to dine, stay and see attractions when you attend an event at the Center. The Platte Valley Community Center is conveniently located within walking distance of a variety of services in Saratoga.

You'll find a variety of  motels, hotels, cabins, campgrounds  and resorts for your overnight comfort. Restaurants and bars in both  Saratoga and Encampment (a short drive away) offer food and liquid refreshment.

Local things to do include some great shopping, historic sites, hot springs, outdoor activities like golf, fishing and local parks, and gorgeous views wherever you gaze. Visiting some of the area's "must-see" places might be the final icing on the cake when you attend an event at the PVCC.

Learn more about what Saratoga has to offer. Here's more about Encampment.